Wall Sticker Cat Scratching Board

Style: Cactus
Sale price$31.16


The Sisal Wear-resistant Suction Cup Wall Sticker Cat Scratching Board is a product designed for cats to scratch and maintain their claws. It is typically made of sisal, a durable and wear-resistant material that is safe for cats to scratch. The board is designed to be attached to a wall using suction cups, making it a space-saving solution for cat owners who want to provide a scratching surface for their pets. The board may also come with additional features, such as a dangling toy or a catnip pouch, to encourage cats to use it. It is a practical and functional accessory for cat owners, helping to protect their furniture and provide a healthy outlet for their cats' scratching behavior.

Product information:

Material: jute, density board, suction cup
Style:Fashion Simple
Colour: orange, peach, cactus

Size Information:

Packing list:

Cat Scratching Board*1

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