Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Storage

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It may look like a basic toilet accessory. However, without a toilet paper holder, life in the toilet would be a challenge. Imagine having to hold an entire roll, or risking it falling down on the floor because it isn’t well supported? Well, with this toilet paper holder, not only do you enjoy the convenience and good hygiene, but also enhance the décor of your bathroom.

  • Good waterproof performance. 360° waterproof, ensure tissue is dry and not damp.
  • Easy to install. 
  • Large storage platform design. Can store toilet paper, sanitary napkins and other women's personal products, keep it dry and moisture-proof.
  • Various types of paper tissue and sanitary napkins can also be stored
  • Good enough to hold mobile phone, key, ashtray, watch, glasses, when you have a shower.

Material: PVC