Wavy Silicone Drain Pad Non-Slip

Color: Black
Sale price$11.69


The Wavy Silicone Drain Pad is a kitchen placemat designed to be non-slip and easy to clean. It is made of high-temperature resistant silicone and features a wavy design that allows for water and other liquids to drain away easily. This placemat is ideal for use in the kitchen to protect countertops and tables from heat, spills, and scratches. Its silicone construction also makes it durable and long-lasting.

Product information:

Product name: silicone draining pad
Material: food grade silicone
Size: 40*30cm
Thickness: 4mm
Packaging: Transparent OPP bag packaging
Available colors: Light gray, blue, green, Black,

Packing list:

Silicone draining pad*1

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