Rattan Woven Bamboo Basket

style: Chicken Basket
Size: S
Sale price$12.47


The "Wicker Woven Basket Bamboo Basket Rattan Woven Bamboo Basket Ornaments Storage Basket" is a basket made of natural materials such as bamboo or rattan, which is intricately woven into a wicker pattern. The basket is designed for use as an ornamental or storage item, with a decorative appearance that can add aesthetic appeal to any room or space. Its primary function is to provide a practical storage solution for small items such as keys, jewelry, or other accessories.

Product information:

Product name: rattan - proof chicken woven basket
Material: PP vine
Size: 19 x14cm, 24 x17cm. 30 x20cm, 44 x28cm
Color: Beige
Uses: kitchen storage, bread basket, fruit basket

Chicken basket S
Duck-shaped basket S
Goose-shaped basket S
Chicken basket M
Duck-shaped basket M
Goose basket M
Chicken basket L
Duck-shaped basket L
Goose basket L
Chicken Basket XL
Duck Shaped Basket XL
Goose Shaped Basket XL

Packing list:

1* Woven basket

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