Wring Mop Bucket For Wash Floor

Style: 1 textile
Sale price$59.67


-Unique 360 degree rotation structure design, you can easily move to the narrow environmental and remove the corner stains.
-Microfiber flat mop head, use advanced production technology, soft, lint-free, clean strong, scratch-resistant and prevent odor or mildew.
-The force parts of the use is high-strength material, ensure the reliability and stability of the mop
1.Hands free, no need to change mop pads when dirty. Simply insert the mop into the rinse side of mop pad into the wash bucket to remove dirt and debris. Repeat the same process on the dry side until you are satisfied with the level of dampness. Completely hands free, no need to bend down to exchange pads or to wring out the dirty and smelly water. The attached lid does all the cleaning and drying for you while also preventing splash back that could not get you and your floor dirty again.
Our mop and bucket is designed to be compact to help you save 2.Space while also saving you time and energy. Lightweight and easy to use, easily able to store in small places like a closet or under the sink. You can save more space by segmenting the handle and storing it into the bucket after use. The microfiber pads are reusable and won't harm you floor!

Product Category: Mop Mop Bucket Set
Mop type: flat mop
Service life: 5 years or more
Telescopic length: 1.2 meters
Splint size: 33*12cm
Mop material: microfiber
Corrosion resistance: 10
Dust push type: Glued type
Mop bar material: stainless steel
Load capacity of the mop rod: greater than 10kg
Dehydration rate: 90%-100%
Plastic new material proportion: 80% - 99% new material
Color : khaki
Specifications: a set of 2 cloth, a set of 4 cloth, a set of 6 cloth, a set of 8 cloth, a set of 10 cloth (2 sets of mops with gifts)
1 barrel +1 mop + 2 pieces of cloth
1 barrel +1 mop + 6 cloth
1 bucket + 1 mop + 4 pieces of cloth
1 bucket + 1 mop + 5 pieces of cloth
1 bucket + 1 mop + 8 pieces of cloth
1 bucket + 1 mop + 10 pieces of cloth
1 barrel +1 mop + 8 mops

Package Content :

1x mop
1x bucket
2x Microfiber Pads


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